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Date: Jul 2, 2006
Guild Charter
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Guild Charter:


The name has been determined to be “The Errant Force”

 Guild Tabard:



 Black etched in Silver, adorned with a shield upon which rests a sword.  The shield symbolizes our willingness to defend, the sword, our willingness to shed blood. 

 Mission Statement:

The Errant Force was formed with the soul purpose of building a team for end game raiding.  We will do this by bringing together mature, team oriented people who are willing to take the time to be taught and to teach each other, growing in skill, power and camaraderie.

Application Process:

Each applicant will need to fill out on the forums a guild application.  In this application they will answer set questions regarding their player and guild history, availability, and expectations.  Applicants must be 18yrs of age (NO EXCEPTIONS) and mature, level 55 or greater, and be required to become attuned and dedicate at least two days to a guild event. Unfortunately, if you misrepresent your age and it is determined later, there will be no appeals process, you will be removed from the guild.

 The Officers will then discuss the applicants at regular intervals.  If at least three are in agreement, the applicant becomes an Initiate.  In order to keep a good class mix, it may be necessary to discriminate due to class.

 The Initiate will then need to be active in guild events for a minimum of two weeks.  At that time the officers will evaluate the initiate, and either promote to member, require the initiate process to be repeated, or dismiss the initiate.


Champion: These people will be few. These are the most active and trusted members, and will be active in helping guide guild policy.

Crusader: For those that step up to the challenge, and earn the respect of their fellow members thru their actions, will be granted the rank of Crusader.  This is not to be taken lightly, for you will be expected to help lead by example.

Quester: For those individuals who have passed muster, and shown that they will be a productive, civil, and consistent member.

Fieldmen: Those that are traversing the membership Process. This will take 2 weeks or longer, depending on the individual.

Reservist:  Alternate characters

Officer Alt:  An Officers Alternate Character

Guild Chat Rules:

The use of Guild Chat will be “Civil”.  We are not here to baby sit or be censors, however it will be expected that you respect the channel. If you have a problem within the guild that cannot be solved between offended parties, contact an officer and if they deem it an issue for the officers, they will talk privately with the affected parties.


The Guild Forums have been created to simplify and empower the guild in communication. Conduct will be expected to be civil.  This is not a place to air dirty laundry or pick a fight.  Please discuss concerns with the officers directly or in private messages.

The forums will be a place to sign up for guild raids, and have other discussions. Please use appropriate forum topic threads for the discussions.


An account accessible to all officers will be created for the guild bank.  The contents will be viewable either by “Guild Adds” or by post on the forums.


A Ventrilo Server will be available to the guild.  This is mandatory to be able to at least listen to Vent while attending a raid. Nobody will be required to have a microphone or to talk, but you are required to be able to load it to listen to the guild coordinators. During raids, non-raid discussions will be kept to a minimum, and civility will be expected.  There will be other channels that you may join to have non-raid discussions.


Signed in to service by:





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