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Date: Jul 2, 2006
Molten Core Rules
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Molten Core Rules:


Molten Core forming time will be posted on the Guild Forum, “Calendar”, and the sign up sheet. Forming will start 30-minutes prior to the posted time and those who signed up will be invited. 15-minutes prior to start, those not present and have not made specific arrangements, will forfeit their spot and it will be filled by the next on the list. At 2-minutes after the appointed time of the raid, on-time raid points will be noted. Please list any conflicts that will require you to be late or leave early, on the sign up sheet. We will be rotating standby players in when possible, so don’t be discouraged.

 Rules of Conduct:

All people are expected to maintain a level of professionalism. We are building and organizing to be a successful raid guild, but we all want to have fun as well. We will strive to not be “elitist”, both in attitude and action. Joking is acceptable, within reason. During a raid, we want to keep joking to a minimum in the Ventrilo Server, and to NONE during any boss fights. Raid Chat is not the place to carry on personal conversations. Extremely crude humor should be reserved to company that likes to see it. If you do something crude and someone objects openly or through whisper, stop. However, we are all adults here, and it is not the raids responsibility to baby sit. Be Civil!

 Fire Resistance:

It is everyone’s responsibility to try to increase and build their OWN Fire Resistance. We will have a Fire Resistance gear program (outlined below) but this will be to HELP all members get to their needed levels. It is not intended to be the sole method of improving your Fire Resistance.


It is your own responsibility to obtain and furnish your own potions. This includes Greater Fire Protection potion, Greater Arcane Protection potions, Greater Shadow Protection potion, Mana oils and any other potions you desire to use here. It is not required to use potions, but may greatly affect your personal performance in the raid.

Molten Core Loot Rules:

Loot distribution will be in three categories which will have their own points.

  1. Class:  Anything with a class designation. It is vital that people are gearing up their characters and not holding their points for ultra-rare drops like something from Ragnaros. This category is used entirely for items that state the specific class that is eligible. 

  2. Non-Class: Anything that does not have a class designation, but can be equipped, and is intended to be used as an upgrade.  It will be left to individuals honor as to separating need and greed. Although some items in Molten Core seem obviously intended more for one class over others, the simple rule will be that if you can use it as an upgrade in your general play or our raids, then you are eligible to roll on it and use your non-class points to modify the roll. A preference will be given to those that have one of any 2-item set if the other piece drops.

  3. Crafted Item: Crafted Fire Resist Gear. This group of things will use the Fire Resist Category of points. This is the category we are saving Cores, Core Leather, Fire Essences, Blood of the Mountain, Sulfuron Ingots and Dark Iron Ore for.

Class and Non-Class Items:


  1. 2 point for being on time for the raid, at the instance and prepared.  (Repaired to at least 95% durability, stocked on vital raid materials like Sacred Candles/Arcane dust/ETC., listening to Vent, and current version of CT_Raid)

  2. 2 points for the first attempt on a boss that we have not killed before.

  3. 1 point for each return attempt we do not succeed.

  4. 10 points for a boss the raid has never killed before, 4 points per boss kill after.

  • If you are DC’d during half-or-more of a boss fight, you will not get the points for that boss attempt/kill. We understand that Internet connectivity is often not the fault of the player, but the point system is designed to reward contribution, not mere attendance.

Points during the raid are what you started the raid with, not updated during the raid. Points are added to your total after the raid, and can be viewed on the forums.

A maximum of 200 points can be accumulated in any single category. (There may come a time when 200 points can be expended to purchase a cupon for BWL)

Each character will be treated as an individual for point accumulation. Points do not share between characters.

** It is the player’s responsibility to verify their Points before each raid. Once the raid is underway, the points as they are posted will be used, and not investigated till after the raid. If an error has occured, the points will be brought to the correct level at that time.  Please don’t hesitate to bring up an issue with the leaders at anytime before the raid begins.


Each player eligible to roll on the categorized item will roll 200.  (You can not roll if locked out) The points accumulated for that category will be applied to the roll.  The highest combined number wins the item.

The winner’s points in that category are then expended and you are locked out for two boss kills.  You can not roll while locked out.

Exception to the rule:

If for some reason there is no other demand for the item and it is going to be DE’d you may request to take an additional three Loot Locks and take the item at the discretion of the raid leader.

Crafted Items


100% of the Crafting Materials will be collected and used to make fire resistance gear, potions and other items to help the raid progress. These items will include Essence of Fire, Dark Iron Ore, Core Leather, Fiery Core, Lava Core, Blood of the Mountain, Sulfuron Ingot.


To help the Raid Progress, it will be necessary to create a hierarchy of who receives the gear, and to what level. This is inevitable.

  1. Main Tank and Off Tank:  In order to progress beyond Pain Packs, the Main and Off Tanks will need at least two pieces of gear.

  2. Warriors and Rogues:  In order to progress to Ragnaros, the direct Melee classes must have a specific amount of fire gear. The FR gear program will provide up to 2 pieces to each regularly attending member of this category.

  3. All Classes:  Once the minimum or two pieces is reached for direct melee, all classes will have the option of rolling on the fire resist gear.


1 point will be earned for each pair (1 Lava Core, 1 Firey Core) of cores that drop per raid. Maximum 200 points can be saved.


Once enough material is gathered to craft items, those eligible roll 100.  The total of the roll and their Crafted Item Point total are added, and the highest total wins the right to have their item crafted. Their points for Fire Resist points are zeroed and 2 Boss Loot Locks are received. Raid material is set aside, and non-raid material acquired (it may be necessary for the raid to sell an item to obtain material). Once all material is gathered, the item is crafted and given to winner (within a reasonable time).

Once the minimum fire resistance is obtained to eliminate Ragnaros on a consistent basis, the divvy system will change to allow for Divvy of some Cores, Core Leather Dark Iron Ore, Blood of the Mountain and Fire Essences.  At that time a Divvy System will be initiated.

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