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Post Info TOPIC: Application for The Errant Force


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Date: Jul 1, 2006
Application for The Errant Force

(Keep in mind, All Apllications are moved to Officer's Forums)


Guild Application Process:


You must meet the following:

  1. 18 years of Age and Mature
  2. At least Level 55
  3. Be willing to Raid a minimum of 2 nights a week
  4. Be willing to Get Ventrilo and at minimum listen during raids (don't need to speak)
  5. Be willing to get CT_Raid and keep it updated.

Please start a new thread, copy the following, answering the questions.


Name the Topic: Guild Application - <your character name>

Inside the post:

1. Character Name, Class and Level, PVP rank (if any)

2. Character History (Brief):

3. Past 3 Guilds, how long you were there and why you quit

4. Raid Availability (What days, what server times)

5. What can we expect from you?

6. What do you expect from this guild?

7. If referred by a friend that is already a member, tell us who.

8. Tell us about you


The application will be moved to an officer forum for discussion.


An officer will contact you in game.  Please be candid and open.


Remember, this is not necessarily a family guild.  We expect that players will help each other, but it is not enforced.  The players here want to move forward, not take steps backwards in order for everyone else to catch up.  Demanding that of someone is just not fair.


~Officer Core

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Date: Aug 30, 2006

1. Drakos
    Lvl 60 Dwarf Hunter
    PVP Rank 0/1
    300 Alchemy / 305 Skinning

2. 4/8 Beaststalker Set, 3/4 Black Dragonscale, 2/5 The Gladiator Set
    UBRS Key, BRD Key, Scholo Key, Strat Key & SM Key
    Onyxia, Molten Core, Black Wing Lair & Naxxaramas Attuned
    Core Marksman Rifle (305), Both D'Al Rend Arms

3. Eternal Order - Guild has disbanded for the most part.
    ISeV - Guild disbanded

4. M - F, 8pm - 12pm EDT
   Most weekends Sat and Sun.

5. I am a hard worker who likes to play and wants to work towards better gear.

6. I expect respect and consistency in groups.

7. NA

8. I am 28yrs old. Work full time as a web programmer. WoW is my first MMORPG but I have been playing for a year and half.



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Date: Oct 11, 2006


(1) Jukal is my name, rogues are my game,60 ftw along with Knight-Captain. 300 Alchemy / Herbing (Has the zg herb picker for bloodvine), every recpie sept. All 3 flasks, greater spell power, bruteforce,Major regen, the zg exalted recpie, and Greater fire protection, also can make Mojo madness potions for zg summoned bosses.

(2) Been around the block a bit all instances sept for naxx and every boss past the 1st in bwl. 4/8 Nightslayer, Eskerhanders claw(Main hand), Lobotimizer, little bit of the PVP gear set,ZG wrist and shoulders,256(FR about), thanks to some FR gear given to me by Errant Force.

(3) Eram Umbra, Legio Gemina , Coat of Arms.

(4)Sunday 2pm-12:30, Monday-Thusday 7:00pm-11:00/(12:00am latest),Friday and saturday 7:00pm-12:30.

(5) From me? Well a hell of a good time ^_~. Ohh you mean guild wise.... I have lots of potions I like to give out. I hear im not that much of a jerk, and I do RAWR Damage! And singing simon gave me a 1/5 so .. yeah.

(6) I want to RAID, and I can not lie! All you other guildies cant denie! Every likes loot but hey, Ya go to have Funnage! Loot = +.

(7) UM..... Kierik<< (hope I spelled that right), maybe Bradferd/ and or that short dwarf guy.... >_< whats the name..... Bah .. no ... BHAHA ,,, close   BHAH<< I belive thats right.

(8) My Rl name is jacob/jake. Live in Georgia!, Like lots of gameing, paintball, not into much sports( dont like to run), skateboard and I like to play with Paint shop Pro XI, lots of editing my style.


We all have to make Sacrifices in life. Mine are to the Dark Lords of the UnderWorld!
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